Who Are We?

Kess Surfshapes was started in North County San Diego in 2003.  Ten years later, we’re now located in the heart of Seattle and we bring with us a decade of design, research, and refinement in order to shape you the best surfboards in the Northwest.  We specialize in designing, shaping, and glassing custom Surfboards, Stand-Up Paddleboards, and Wake Surfers.  Each board is made one at a time from start to finish, customized to your specifications and surfing or paddling needs.  Whether you are a beginner who just wants to have fun or a pro with the most discerning of needs, we can take care of you.  All materials are sourced in the Pacific Northwest and we keep ours and your money local whenever possible.  Feel free to call or email the shaper with any questions you may have.  We pride ourselves on quick responses as well as quick build out times on boards-our custom surfboards are usually ready to go in 2 weeks or less and if you’re really in a rush, call us, we’ll take care of you.

Board Models

PHOTOS AND INFORMATION ON 2014-2015 MODELS COMING SOON. For more information on custom models, call 415-336-3256 or send an email over at the contact page.

These are the staples of the Kess Surfshapes quiver. Boards that have been under constant refinement for the better part of a decade. They work. Period. These boards may be ordered custom at any time and tuned specifically for each customer. For more information, contact us today.
Board Work


Why Custom?

Having the right equipment allows you to focus on the thing you should be focusing on-getting better at surfing! Sure, you can go to a shop and buy a board that will probably work for you, but it wasn’t built 100% with you in mind. When you order a custom, we address any issues you are having with current boards, and any aspects of your surfing you would like to change, then, through direct communication with the shaper, the customer and shaper decide on a design, and we build that board just for you. Bottom line-If you want to become a better surfer, you need the right equipment, and the best way to insure you’re riding the right board is to have a good relationship with your shaper, so call or email and talk to the shaper today!
Custom finish


Alongside design and shaping work, we also bring repair knowledge that comes from fixing 1000+ boards-we’ve seen it all! If you have a repair issue, big or small, call or email today for a quote on price and turnaround time. Most dings are guaranteed in 7 days or less and rush jobs are available at an adjusted price. We can fix any construction and board style and we can fix ANY ding issue you may have. Work that is solely cosmetic (i.e. touching up chipped rail paint on a SUP) is quoted on a case by case basis and may be turned away at our discretion. Refer to the Ding Repair Pricelist below and browse the gallery to see a constantly updated catalogue or our repair work.

Ding Repair Pricelist 2013-14: Our work is guaranteed-you won’t find this anywhere else.*


Basic chip ding-$40 (+fill add $10)
Tail Cancer-$70+
Broken Nose- <6”-$70+, > 6”-$90+
Broken Board-Shortboard-$175+, Longboard-$250+
Fin Box Replacement-$60+ per side including box
Longboard center fin box-$80+ including box
Glass on Fin replacement-$65+ not including cost of new fin if needed.

Stand-Up Paddleboards:

*All SUP prices include approximate color match
Basic chip ding-$65+
Fin Box replacement-$80+/per side, including box(es)
Center fin box replacement-$100+ including box

Custom Work:

You wanna get weird with your paddleboard? Install a sailboard mast track or add some tie-down inserts to rig it for fishing? We got ya, just email or call today for a quote!
All repairs must be picked up no later than 3 days after quoted completion date or they will be charged a storage fee of $5/day for surfboards, and $10/day for Stand Up Paddle Boards.
*Color work is NOT guaranteed to be a perfect match.

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